Some exciting news!

As we approach the end of summer, we have some great exciting news to share!  At the beginning of June, we closed our 2018 calendar with 125 shows booked for 2018!  Other than a huge Thank you, what words could…



A short note! Here we are in the month of June! The summer winds are blowing!  A great second quarter to 2018! We thank you for your continued support!. We have gained three additional clients, bringing our new client total…



We are two weeks away from Spring!  Lots of rehearsing and learning new songs!  The first quarter of our year has had some memorable moments!  It's was great to begin 2018 and see many familiar faces. January was quite busy…


The Holiday Season

The holiday season is in full force and we are very confident that you will be happy to share the excitement that we have had a very busy season!  The bookings for 2018 are very strong. We are showing significant…


The 2018 calendar is now available

It's difficult to believe that we are approaching November!  We have had a wonderful summer and fall. 

The Festa Italiana at the Italian American Community Center was a huge success and I had the honor of participating for two…


Festa Italiana 2017

Happy summer ! It has been a very busy one!

Festa Italiana is this weekend and we hope to see you there! Friday July 14th 5PM to 6:30 PM under the Tent and Saturday July 15th, 5PM to 6:30…


Spring has arrived!

It has been sometime since I have posted to our blog and I do apologize for that, however, we have had a very busy 5 1/2  months of 2017. We kicked off our New Year and geared up for February…

Happy New Year

Well we already have 5 shows under our belt this year and the year is shaping up to be a big one.  I am putting together my show for February which I am going to call "Love Songs for the…

A reflection of the past few months

WOW, this endeavor has taken off like I never imagined it would.  The summer was wonderful with the Italian Festival and then the fall with the Fringe Festival.  What a blast that was.  3 shows at Java's Cafe that went…

The Rochester Fringe Festival

Good afternoon,

Very, Very pleased and excited to announce our 3 shows at Java's Cafe during the Fringe Fest.   Java's is located at 16 Gibb Street in the city of Rochester.  Right next to the Eastman Theatre.

My performances are…

Festa Italiana 2016

A successful weekend at The Italian American Community Center with two performances for Festa Italiana! Thank you to everyone for coming! I hope to return next year!! Great people, great food, and a ton of laughter and song .